MODERN WOMEN. BLINKING BEAUTÉ ultra glam lashes are created by today’s modern woman for today’s modern woman. After feeling frustrated with very few quality false lash options in the marketplace, we decided to design and develop our own to offer women a softer, more comfortable and feminine alternative.

CALIFORNIA GIRLS. We are young at heart, don’t take ourselves too seriously and believe beauty begins on the inside. That’s why our brand was born and raised in the California Bay Area, where people are easy-going, open-minded and like to have fun.

OUR MISSION. Because we believe beauty comes from the inside-out, our goal is to help women showcase their inner beauty, eyes first. After all, they are the windows to the soul. It’s why we’ve custom designed our superior quality, handmade, multi-dimensional lashes.

What We Believe

  • DON’T FUSS. We think women should feel beautiful and feminine every day, and it shouldn’t be difficult or fussy. Our lashes are easy to apply, remove and reuse; we’ve designed them with a comfortable yet durable cotton thread band that gives the illusion of “built-in” eyeliner, allowing you to skip a step each morning.

  • OPEN UP. We’ve created our lashes to help enhance a woman’s natural beauty. Eyes appear more open and defined with volumized lashes. Opening up your eyes allows you to see the world. Hopefully now, it’ll look just a little bit better.

  • BE THOUGHTFUL. Quality beats quantity every time. We have carefully curated our 3D lash assortment with a variety of styles and fiber options that won’t overwhelm. Women have personally inspired and requested our custom designs. Whether a more conservative, everyday style, (NO. 1), or something ultra-glam, (SAMANTHA), our soft, voluminous lashes are handmade using the finest quality materials.




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