To say lashes are my obsession would be a complete understatement. My beauty philosophy starts with accentuating the eyes. It truly is fate! My parents gifted me with the name Mijgan - which translates to "lashes."  

After having very few lash options to choose from in order to service my clients over the past sixteen years, I made the choice to design and develop my own. The result is a line that provides voluminous, lush, reusable, easy to apply and remove lashes.  Blinking Beauté lashes are made with the finest quality fibers, providing a luxurious, feminine look to every woman who wears them.

Part of our secret in creating the soft, natural, velvet-like appearance of Blinking Beaute lashes, is the fact that they’re made with 100% authentic, natural fibers. Our lashes are hand made and free from chemical treatment or dyes.   

For this reason (and so many more), it is such an honor, privilege, and a dream come true to share this very exciting news with you all.


Megan Naik